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Payless Self Storage has the most variety in storage unit sizes than anyone in the area. Below are just the 5 common size units available:

5 X 10 ( 50 sq. ft. ): Suggested storage: One or two small rooms of furniture. Motorcycle or bicylces. 10-20 boxes and other small items. Similar in size to a large walk-in closet.

10 X 10 ( 100 sq. ft. ):Suggested storage: Contents of one bedroom apartment or condo. Two or three appliances such as a refrigerator or washer and dryer. 25-50 boxes and other small items. Similar in size to a small bedroom.

10 X 15 ( 150 sq. ft. ):Suggested storage: Contents of two bedroom apartment, condo or small house. Two to four appliances such as refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer. 50-75 boxes and other items. Similar in size to a large bedroom.

10 X 20 ( 200 sq. ft. ):Suggested storage: Contents oftwo to three bedroom house, apartment or condo. Three or more appliances. 50-100 boxes and other items. Ideal for vehicle storage. Similar in size to a one car garage.

10 X 30

( 300 sq. ft.) :Suggested storage:Contents of three or more bedroom house. Ideal for commercial use. Units equipped with two garage doors allowing for easy access on both sides of the storage unit. Similar in size to a 1 and 1/2 car garage.


8 x 8 (64 sq. ft.)

8 x 10 (80 sq. ft.)

8 x 12 (96 sq. ft.)

8 x 16 (128 sq. ft.)

8 x 24 (196 sq. ft.)

10 x 12 (120 sq. ft.)

10 x 16 (160 sq. ft.)

10 x 24 (240 sq. ft.)

10x 36 (360 sq. ft.)

12 x 20 (240 sq. ft.)

Please call for pricing. We are sure to have a size that will work for you!